Employment Training Fund

LearningBiz is an approved Employment Training Fund (ETF) training provider. Available ETF training courses will be available from April 2013. Both employers and job seekers can benefit from this program, see below for detailed information:


Employment Training Fund – This program is specifically designed to upgrade current employee and employer skills so that Hawaii businesses can remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Individual Employers can send their employees and themselves to job-related training classes that will increase and enhance skills they use in their workplace environment. Training includes computer classes, visitor industry, marketing, language, management, customer service and others.

ETF simultaneously addresses economic development and workforce development, which is critical to the continued economic viability and growth of the State of Hawaii. About 40 other states besides Hawaii have similar employee education and programs designed to enhance business growth and long-term employability.

The applicants need to meet basic eligibility requirements before they can be enrolled in the ETF program. Private employees or employers must be legally eligible to do business in the State of Hawaii. The training requested must be necessary to upgrade or enhance an employee’s workplace skills. This program cannot supplant existing employer training or cover the “cost of doing business”. The employee cannot be currently enrolled in or eligible for other federal or state training programs.

Amount of the Subsidy:
The prices approved by the STATE for services performed pursuant to RFP DLIR/WDD 2013-01 shall be Fifty-percent (50%) of the cost of the course or $250, whichever is smaller, tax inclusive.

The employer shall pay the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the cost of ETF assistance, tax inclusive, and any excess balance, if applicable, directly to LearningBiz.

For example, if the full tuition for a course costs $180, the employer will pay $90. If a course costs $800, ETF will cover $250 which means the employer’s cost comes to $550.

To start your ETF application today or to learn more about the ETF program please visit the state of Hawaii’s Workforce Development Division website here: Dept. of Labor – WDD

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