Training Subsidies

LearningBiz believes in preparing Hawaii’s workforce to remain competitive, relevant and successful within the global marketplace sustaining Hawaii’s allure of our beautiful host culture, our land, our people and our service. In order to do so we have teamed up with leaders of various industries to create the highest in quality training courses available for everyone.

To ensure training is available for all whom would benefit we are approved by the State for financial assistance programs/subsidies that students and companies alike can benefit from.

Currently, many of LearningBiz courses qualify for the Employment Training Fund (ETF) and the On-the-Job-Training programs. LearningBiz is also an Eligible Training Provider (ETP) for the Oahu Workforce Investment Board (OWIB) which covers 100% of training costs for certain individuals. Please visit each of our subsidy pages to see if you, your employees or your business qualifies for subsidized training.

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